Bullion Exchanges Review: Explore Options for Buying Gold

Are you interested in investing your money in precious metals but don’t know where to start? This Bullion Exchanges review is here for you. As the economy becomes less reliable, more people flock toward investing their hard-earned cash in gold and silver to combat inflation and generate savings for the future.

Bullion Exchanges is a popular company for buying and selling other precious metals. At Learn About Gold, we collect reviews to help you learn about your best gold investment options, so continue reading for a complete and in-depth review on Bullion Exchanges.

What Is Bullion Exchanges?

Bullion Exchanges is a precious metals retailer that primarily operates around the United States, though ships worldwide. With Bullion Exchanges, you can purchase precious metals online or in-store or sell your bullion products for competitive pricing offers.

The company offers coins, bars, seasoned collectors’ finds, good prices, relatively positive customer reviews, good quality products, and convenient service options. They handle:

  •       Gold
  •       Silver
  •       Palladium
  •       Platinum

In this Bullion Exchanges review, our team will discuss everything you should know about the company before choosing them. We offer honest, thorough, and unbiased reviews so that you can find the educational information you need.

Bullion Exchanges: Company Background

Bullion Exchanges began in 2012 in Manhattan, New York, offering IRA-approved gold, silver palladium, and platinum products and services. Many unethical seller and buyer companies saturate the market, so Bullion Exchanges aims to ensure that its customers feel confident in every transaction and service interaction.

Bullion Exchanges gained Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation in December of 2015. The organization stores its products with the following approved services:

  •       International Depository Services in Delaware
  •       International Depository Services in Canada
  •       Strategic Wealth Preservation in the Cayman Islands
  •       GoldStar Trust Company
  •       New Direction IRA

Bullion Exchanges Features

woman reading features of bullion exchanges in her phone

Buying or selling products like silver bars is challenging, especially online. Bullion Exchanges offers a few notable benefits to help you confidently purchase online.

Free Delivery

Bullion Exchanges offers free shipping on all orders over $75, which you will likely exceed when investing in gold and silver bullion. After you place your order, you can track the shipping online and easily receive updates on your order.

Bullion Exchanges packs and ships all coins and other products in discreet packaging so that you don’t have to worry about theft when you buy precious metals.

Rewards Program

Bullion Exchanges celebrates its repeat customers with a rewards program. Whenever you complete a specific transaction on the website, you can earn Bullionaire Bucks. For example, after setting up an account, you will receive 500 Bucks.

You can use Bullionaire Bucks toward future purchases. Bucks help you land a deal and find the lowest prices for high-quality products and services.

Authenticity Guarantee

Investing in non-authentic products would be a waste of funds. So how can you ensure that your purchase is worth your money? Bullion Exchanges certifies all products and services so that you can find the exact authenticity information for any purchase. That’s why this Bullion Exchanges review is happy to recommend them.

We recommend that you only purchase from a precious metals retailer if they offer authenticity guarantees. Steer clear of coin dealers with the best prices but negative reviews and no paperwork.

In-Person Shopping Options

Many seasoned collectors feel uncomfortable purchasing such expensive products online. Whether you’re unsure about the shipping or you want to lay your eyes on the product first, you might want to shop in person. Bullion Exchanges offers a retail store in New York where you can view the products up close and take your favorites home the same day to avoid shipping entirely.

Bullion Exchanges Products and Services

gold bars in the vault of a bullion exchange

So what exactly does Bullion Exchanges offer? Whether you’re visiting the website or shopping in-store, you can enjoy the following products and services that the business provides.

Precious Metals

The organization primarily sells a wide variety of rare metals, including:

  •       Gold
  •       Palladium
  •       Platinum
  •       Silver
  •       Pre-1921 and pre-1933 gold and silver coins
  •       Collectible U.S. coins
  •       Australian coins
  •       Canadian coins
  •       Copper bullets
  •       Many other rarities and IRA-approved products

You can view all of these products and their accompanying information on the Bullion Exchanges website. When visiting the retail location, you might want to call ahead of time to ask about the current stock if you’re interested in a particular item.

Investment Advice

Investing in gold and silver is a big decision. Like all investments, the market frequently changes, and understanding your best route is challenging. For example, silver prices often fluctuate, so you want to ensure that you time your purchase at the best price for optimal returns.

Bullion Exchanges wants to help all of its customers make the best financial decisions possible. The organization offers investment advice to customers on all purchases. The service team can help you decide what to purchase, how much, and when to receive the best returns on your investment.

The website also offers educational resources for storing products, expanding market knowledge, and more.

The Gold IRA Program

ira letters on top of gold coins

If you don’t want to buy these products online and keep them in your house, you can also consider a gold IRA. These function similarly to traditional investment retirement accounts (IRAs), though rather than contributing cash, you contribute an asset that retains its value much better.

Bullion Exchanges’ products and services include IRA options that you can purchase and use for secure storage. Keep in mind that many companies offer similar precious metal IRAs, so you should evaluate all of our reviews before deciding.

How Bullion Exchanges Differs from the Competition

Many companies offer similar products and services to Bullion Exchanges, so why write this specific Bullion Exchanges review?

  •     Industry experience: With over ten years of experience, Bullion Exchanges has paved the way for many other contenders in the industry. You can rely on the company’s top-notch service standards, great price options, transparent reviews, and secure ways to pay.
  •     Outstanding BBB reviews: The BBB reviewed Bullion Exchanges’ organizational practices, strategies for handling poor customer reviews, service options, price levels, and legal compliance and gave an A+ rating. On the company’s website, you can find many similar positive reviews from customers.
  •     Selling opportunities: Aside from making purchases, you can also get the best price for your valuable assets by selling to Bullion Exchanges. We recommend you review the company’s price offers and current deal options and compare them with competitors before deciding where to sell.

Is Investing in Bullion Exchanges Worth It?

So far, our review discussed the positives of investing with Bullion Exchanges. To help you make a more educated decision, we will also review the less optimal aspects of this service. While Bullion Exchanges has a decent number of positive reviews, it also has some unhappy customers that leave poor reviews.

When reading any review, keep in mind that the opinions are not facts. What one customer experienced may not happen for you, though it is helpful to keep it in mind before making any purchases. The following topics are the main areas of interest amongst the business’ negative reviews.

Potential Product Damages

One repetitive review complaint is of product damages. Some customers complain about receiving broken or damaged items in the mail. After returning the product, these customers state that they did not receive complete refunds.

Website and Support Issues

Another top review complaint mentioned adding items to the cart, only to find that they were unavailable. A few website bugs might cause out-of-stock products to appear in stock.

Some reviews also mention that contacting support or service channels through the website is challenging. If you don’t want to deal with potential website bugs or complications, you might want to consider a different retailer or conduct additional research on the topic.

Potential Price-Fixing

The final recurring review complaint is price-fixing. When you purchase precious metal, the price frequently fluctuates depending on the market value. Some customers claim that the website will cancel an order if the price changes before shipment.

Bullion Exchanges denies all claims of price-fixing. An explanation for this problem could be another website bug. When making large purchases, website issues can cause you a big headache.

What Are Your Other Bullion Exchange Options?

woman handshaking with a gold company agent

If you’re unsure about Bullion Exchanges, you have many other options for buying and selling similar items online. At Learn About Gold, we review all of the top current market contenders so that you can find the best choice for your personal goals. Click the links below to read through each thorough review of the leading private mints based on extensive research:


Below, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about investing in metal.

What Should I Look for When Picking the Right Service for Me?

When selecting a service for your needs, you should prioritize:

  •       BBB accreditation
  •       Purchase reviews
  •       Average review score
  •       Shipping and handling policies
  •       Authenticity guarantee
  •       Bulk purchase options
  •       Pricing
  •       Customer service channels
  •       IRA options

Why Should I Invest in a Precious Metal?

Paper money fluctuates in value constantly. Inflation continues to climb, causing your wealth to decrease in value. The earnings you’ve saved for years are becoming less valuable as they sit in your bank account.

If you invest your wealth in an asset that retains its value better than paper money, you can fight inflation and profit. Some people invest in real estate, stocks, and other commodities. Many investors purchase precious metals to combat inflation and secure their future finances.

How Can I Store My Purchases?

We recommend storing your purchases in a safe, bank, or private holder. Review all security measures and review your chosen IRA options, as many offer an included storage service with your purchase. You don’t want to lose your investment to theft, so you should always practice extreme caution when selecting third-party dealers.

With smaller quantities, you can typically rely on an at-home safe. When dealing with large and heavy bars, you might want to choose a third-party vault service that can secure and insure your assets for you.

Should I Buy Bars or Coins?

Bars are worth more than coins, so the answer to this question depends on how much you wish to invest. Coins are easier to trade and handle since they weigh less, though bars might be the correct route if you’re just looking to store something long-term.

Should I Trust Online Reviews?

When deciding which service to go with, you’ll likely find many contradictory reviews of customers who had excellent experiences and some who had sub-par ones. Your best bet is to research using a compiled review service, like this article! When reading any reviews, remember that all of the information is opinionated, so be sure to consider the larger picture.

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