United Gold Direct Gold IRA Review

In a turbulent economy, it can be easy to lose assets in bad financial periods. That’s why knowing how to protect your investments is vital to long-term prosperity.

Reliable storage is essential if you plan on putting any of your money into precious metals. While resources like gold and silver can retain their worth even in a volatile market, they can still be lost if mishandled or invested in without proper research. However, working with a trustworthy gold IRA or precious metal dealer such as United Gold Direct dramatically minimizes risk and assures long-term prosperity.

United Gold Direct, a California-based firm, has been in business for the past 25 years, providing its clients with the reliable handling of precious metal assets. The Better Business Bureau has rated them an A+ company, and they’ve maintained a five-star rating on TrustLink for over ten years.

Their agents are all certified experts in their fields, offering comprehensive education on precious metal investing for newcomers and expert counsel for veteran investors. Additionally, all employees collect salaries instead of earning commissions, which allows for complete transparency on the price of their services.

Partnering with United Gold Direct guarantees efficient, reliable storage for any precious metal investments that you make. In addition, they provide ample opportunity to purchase gold bullion and other precious metals to bolster your portfolio in bad economic times.

United Gold Direct History and Background

United Gold Direct has been active in the precious metal industry for over 25 years. While there isn’t a large amount of information regarding the company’s founders, its present accolades paint the picture of a largely dependable gold IRA investment company.

According to their website, they’ve vetted only the best employees for their operation. Their employees are leaders in handling precious metals and IRA accounts. In addition, agents at United Gold Direct focus on providing their clients with a comprehensive education on precious metal investing, allowing them to make better decisions regarding their finances.

Notably, United Gold Direct holds memberships with several prestigious organizations dealing with gold and coin rating processes. These groups include:

  • The Industry Council on Tangible Assets (ICTA)
  • The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)
  • The American Numismatic Association (ANA)
  • Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)

United Gold Direct Website

Navigating the United Gold Direct Website is simple with its user-friendly design and informative headings. The gold dealers have split their website into several sections: Gold IRA, Buy Gold, Blog, About UGD, and Contact.

Scrolling over to the Gold IRA menu, visitors to the website will find it further categorized into sub-sections:

  • Precious Metal IRA’s – This page informs customers how precious metal IRAs work and what types of bullion they’ll accept for your account.
  • 401(k) Rollover – This web page explains the process of “rolling over” the assets in a client’s 401(k) into a qualified IRA account after separating from their employer. It also goes over means of transferring assets to an IRA account in other contexts as well.
  • Approved Coin – This section goes into further detail on precious metal assets that United Gold Direct can accept into an IRA account. The information here is particularly detailed, covering the estimated lifetime worth of each metal per pound.
  • How Will My Gold Be Stored? – This page informs clients of the extensive steps taken to protect the assets of United Direct Gold’s clients. Mainly, it details the Delaware Depository and the extraordinary measures the DDSC staff takes to protect stored bullion.

United Gold Direct Offerings

gold coins stacked in a dark background

United Gold Direct offers customers several services and a wide range of products to help them secure their financial future.

Investment Education

UGD employees have a vast knowledge of the precious metal market that they’re happy to share with any customer who employs their services. In addition, these experienced agents help individuals stay adequately informed about all the long-term benefits and potential risks of gold IRA accounts, allowing clients to make better decisions when adding to their portfolios.

Asset Rollover

One of the primary services that United Gold Direct provides is transferring a client’s financial assets into more secure IRA accounts. While the company mostly advertises itself as a precious metal dealer, it can also perform a secure rollover for a client’s 401(k) into more secure IRAs. Both the agent and the client will work together to determine whether rollover benefits the client’s portfolio.

Additionally, United Gold Direct will work as a middleman to help transfer the client’s funds from other locations such as banks or credit unions into trust companies.

Bullion Purchase

Another service that United Gold Direct provides its customers is purchasing precious metal bullion directly from their website. After purchase, UGD gives clients several options that determine where the metals go. They are either delivered safely to the buyer’s doorstep or the Delaware Depository as part of their new IRA account.

The precious metal dealer also allows several payment methods for their client’s convenience: wire transfer, cashier’s check, and personal checks up to $10,000.

United Gold Direct IRA

As mentioned above, a gold IRA (or Individual Retirement Account) works similarly to a typical IRA except catering primarily to precious metal assets. The IRA company assigns each client an account executive, who are professionals well-versed in the current and future value of gold, silver, palladium, and other precious metals.

United Gold Direct account agents will direct customers through the entire investing process, but the website fails to divulge more specific information regarding their particular gold IRA policies.

United Gold Direct Pricing Info

United Gold Directs agents are transparent with their pricing because of their salaried position within the company. Without their employees having to earn a commission, you can rest assured that you are getting a fair price for your gold IRA account. The listed costs are as follows:

  • Initial Setup Fee = $75+ (The price increases depending on what assets you roll over into your account.)
  • Annual Admin Costs = $95
  • Annual Storage Rates = $100 – $250 (Scaled to the amount of bullion stored)
  • Minimum Purchase Amount = $5,000

United Gold Direct FAQs

Is United Gold Direct legit?

United Gold Direct has been in operation for over 25 years and is a member of several organizations dedicated to precious metals. However, despite the amount of time passed since its doors opened, we know surprisingly little about how United Gold Direct was established and by whom.

However, customers have left glowing testimonials in the past, so the company seems to be a legitimate venture.

Who is United Gold Direct best for?

United Gold Direct’s expert investment education can help first-time investors keep their portfolios healthy while making intelligent purchases. However, the lack of upfront information on the company’s policies and practices may make inexperienced investors nervous about doing business there.

Remember to thoroughly research any company you plan on investing through so you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Is it advisable to invest through United Gold Direct?

Despite the lack of information on the company, what information we do have points to United Gold Direct being a trustworthy and reliable precious metal IRA service. Their agents are attentive to your financial situation and work to create an IRA that will provide the long-term financial security you’re looking for.

What is the minimum amount to set up an IRA Account?

The minimum amount to open a United Gold Direct IRA account is $5,000.

How do I fund my Gold IRA account?

You can fund your gold IRA account through rolling assets over to it, wire transfer from the bank, or physical contribution with the purchase of precious metal bullion.

Is gold a liquid asset?

A liquid asset is any asset that you can quickly convert into cash. Therefore, the easier it is to sell a purchase, the more “liquid” it is. Using this definition, you can probably see why gold and other precious metals are considered some of the most liquid assets in the world.

Does United Gold Direct have a buyback program?

United Gold Direct doesn’t offer a buyback program.

Final Thoughts

While the lack of information on the firm’s opening gives us pause, United Gold Direct still offers its clients a reliable gold IRA service. UGD agents perform consultations on portfolios and offer rookie investors advice on the best time to invest in precious metal, demonstrating trustworthiness that most would look for in a gold IRA company.

If you’d like to learn more about gold investments and IRAs, contact us today!

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