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14K vs 18K Gold: A Side-by-Side Comparison

14k vs 18k gold: Which one between the two you should consider? Investing in gold plays a vital role in any investment portfolio, especially if you want to diversify your assets. Compared to other precious metals, gold has held its value for decades. It remains a tangible investment and a proven hedge against inflation. Experts […]

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What Does Gold-Filled Mean? How Does It Differ From Gold-Plated?

When purchasing gold products, you need to understand the various terminologies used to describe the types of gold available. Many jewelers use enticing words like vintage, expensive, shimmering, and whimsical to get you to make an emotional purchase. These terms don’t mean much as they reveal nothing about the value and durability of the piece […]

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What Are the Most Valuable Coins to Collect?

Many people enjoy coin collecting, specifically collecting valuable minted coins that were legal tender in the past. A coin’s grade and rarity determine its value. So, coins with historical significance, specific or recognizable minting errors, or limited minting command the highest prices. The terms collecting and numismatics are often used interchangeably, but the two do […]

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What Are Bullion Coins? Investing in Bullion Coins

If you’re thinking about purchasing bullion coins, do your research first to avoid getting ripped off. Let’s look at bullion coins and how to invest in them.

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What Is a Proof Coin and How Is It Made?

If you collect coins or know anything about coin collecting, then you might have heard of a proof coin. These rare coins are popular among coin collectors and can be worth a lot of money, but what are they? Proof coins are specially minted and even more beautiful, valuable, and rare than traditional uncirculated coins […]

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How Much Does a Gold Bar Weigh?

We will define the weight and dimensions of a standard gold bar in addition to smaller bars that the average gold investor might have.

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