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Gold-Filled vs. Gold-Plated: What’s the Difference?

Gold-plated and gold-filled are terms individuals simultaneously use when describing jewelry without realizing the key differences. It’s almost like the difference between karat vs. carat in the world of jewelry terminology. The way retailers market gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry can be comparable even though the products have distinct differences. The primary difference between plated and […]

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Why Do Banks Buy Gold?

If you’re wondering , “do banks buy gold?”, the answer is a resounding yes. With inflation rising dramatically, financial institutions currently purchase gold in large quantities. Therefore, it is essential to understand the benefits of investing in gold to fully grasp how banks use gold investments to protect themselves against fluctuations in the market. Central […]

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What Is Gold Used For?

Gold is one of the most sought-after and trusted commodities. Even the term “gold standard” refers to a standard that is unquestioned or above reproach. Gold has motivated pirates, treasure hunters, and conquistadors throughout the centuries. There are many uses of gold in the modern world, from practical to purely symbolic. As a limited resource, […]

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How to Pan Gold: Techniques for Gold Panning

More and more people every day are getting into beginner prospecting. Surprisingly, gold panning has a shallow barrier to entry, as all you need is a shovel and a gold pan. While some other equipment might help, it doesn’t take much just to get started. This revolutionary yet historic tool is the first and last […]

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Is It Possible to Manipulate Gold Prices?

With the perceived reliability of traditional retirement plans decreasing over the years, many people are turning to a gold IRA as an alternative. But you should know some things about the gold market – namely, how it can be manipulated – before you get too deep into gold investment. Manipulation exists in numerous financial markets […]

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Silver Gold Bull Review: What to Know Before You Invest?

Investing in precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum has been a historically valuable and safe way to boost retirement savings. Gold continues to be the most popular investment option due to its versatility and historical value. Silver Gold Bull is a popular company for many investors looking to diversify their portfolio with precious metals. […]

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