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Can You Buy Gold with Bitcoin?

Investors today have a seemingly endless number of options. Cryptocurrencies are one of the latest of these choices, with Bitcoin entering the market in 2009. Now acknowledged as a revolutionary concept, the blockchain on which Bitcoin is based has become part of the collective consciousness. Just ten years ago, blockchain technology was an obscure concept […]

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What Are Credit Suisse Gold Bars?

For investors choosing to purchase physical gold bars, the Credit Suisse gold bar is a popular option. The Credit Suisse Group is a Swiss financial institution renowned across the globe for its minting of gold bars and fine gold bullion. This illustrious and well-respected international financial firm dates its inception back to 1856. It began […]

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Gold Storage: How to Store Your Gold Properly

Choosing to invest in gold and other precious metals is a wise decision. These assets have a proven track record of financial stability that shows no signs of changing. However, storing these valuable commodities introduces a level of difficulty that many investors do not consider. Therefore, finding the proper storing situation for your precious metal […]

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Does Gold Depreciate? Should You Still Invest On It?

Whenever people shop for gold coins, bars, and jewelry, one of the first questions they’ll ask is whether they’re making the correct investment. Gold is one of the most expensive minerals on Earth, and it’s only natural to wonder whether the value of your money will last if you convert it to gold. In this […]

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Karat vs Carat? What Is the Difference?

Every year, thousands of American engagement ring shoppers learn the difference between karat and carat for the first time. It’s not something that most people learn in school, but if you plan on getting married, you must know it before going to your jeweler. You’re already one step ahead of everyone else by trying to […]

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How Much Gold Should You Have in Your Portfolio?

Many people recommend investing in gold and other precious metals for a variety of reasons. Gold has been a valuable asset for generations, and many people still consider it an important component of investing. The price of gold stays fairly stable but has minor fluctuations every day. The stability in the price of gold means […]

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