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APMEX Gold IRA Review

APMEX is one of the world’s leading precious metals online retailer. Let’s discuss what services they offer, and if they can be the right gold partner for you!

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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Coin Graded? 

If inherited, found, or bought an unusual coin for your personal collection, it’s only natural to want to know what a dealer will pay you for it. A collectible’s value depends on various factors, with rarity and condition being the most significant. Generally speaking, the higher the coin’s state of preservation, the higher its value. […]

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How Can You Detect Counterfeit Gold Coins?

Ever since the physical currency has become the primary means of conducting financial transactions, coin minting has been the cornerstone of all developed economies. The ancient world relied on minting precious metals such as silver and gold into coins, which were later used to oil the machine of commerce, so to speak, as well as […]

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What Does It Mean to Invest in Gold?

As a beginning investor, many things can be confusing. What type of gold to buy? Where to invest? When should I invest in precious metals? What kind of benefits does gold offer? Beginners often ask these common questions, and you should have answers before deciding to invest in gold or expand your current portfolio. In […]

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14K vs 18K Gold: A Side-by-Side Comparison

14k vs 18k gold: Which one between the two you should consider? Investing in gold plays a vital role in any investment portfolio, especially if you want to diversify your assets. Compared to other precious metals, gold has held its value for decades. It remains a tangible investment and a proven hedge against inflation. Experts […]

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What Does Gold-Filled Mean? How Does It Differ From Gold-Plated?

When purchasing gold products, you need to understand the various terminologies used to describe the types of gold available. Many jewelers use enticing words like vintage, expensive, shimmering, and whimsical to get you to make an emotional purchase. These terms don’t mean much as they reveal nothing about the value and durability of the piece […]

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