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The Most Valuable Gold Coins

Gold coins are as ancient as the precious metal itself. But, what makes a gold coin valuable? Let’s take a look at how much the top 10 gold coins worth.

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Cash or Gold: Is Gold Worth More than Money?

Is gold worth more than money? Why investors value gold so much by looking at its history? Gold’s impressive track record goes back thousands of years!

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How Did Gold Become Valuable? The History of Gold

It pays to start at the very beginning. How did gold become valuable? How does the history of gold add value to you as a professional and a consumer?

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What Are Gold Impurities? How Do You Remove Them?

Few people don’t own gold in some form or another. It might be as simple as a gold wedding band or locket, or gold bars or coins purchased as an investment. It could also be trading in gold, be it gold options and futures, gold IRAs, gold ETFs, gold mining shares, or something else. The […]

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How Much Gold is in the World?

We all agree that gold is a beautiful, valuable material. Gold ore is extracted from the earth in a nearly pure form. This makes gold different, as most metals need processing to be purified. This shiny metal is a deep shade of yellow and can be mixed with metal alloys to create other colors. Archeologists […]

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American Hartford Gold IRA Review

Figuring out what to do with your retirement savings shouldn’t be stressful. It can be overwhelming at times, so it’s good to plan accordingly, making smart investments you can benefit from when you retire. Opening an Investment Retirement Account (IRA) is a simple, effective way to increase the earnings you work hard to put away. […]

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