Noble Gold Gold IRA Review

Gold IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) are one of the safest and most stable long-term investment options. While managing a gold IRA can be tricky, working with a professional can simplify the process. One such professional is Noble Gold Investments.

In our Noble Gold Investments review, we will reveal how the platform works, its benefits, and more.

Main Features of Noble Gold Investments Gold IRA

Noble Gold Investments gold IRA lets you invest in gold from the comfort of your home. The platform also offers silver and other precious metal retirement accounts in addition to gold IRAs.

Opening a gold IRA account with Noble Gold Investments is quick. Once the account is active, you can begin funding it directly or by rolling over your current 401(k) or another retirement account. In exchange for the funds you put into the account, you will receive actual gold bullion bars and coins. The company will store your physical gold in an IRS-approved and insured vault. You can visit the vault to inspect your assets whenever you desire.

When it is time to withdraw your gold, you can have it shipped to your address or ask the company to liquidate it on your behalf. If you need help investing or liquidating your assets, Noble Gold Investments provides useful information in its free investment kit. All customers receive the kit after signing up.

You can also get personalized advice by contacting Noble Gold Investments to speak with an experienced financial advisor. The company guarantees that every piece of advice it provides is factual and tailored to give customers a high return on investment.

Another impressive feature of Noble Gold Investments is its no-quibble buyback policy. The policy lets you sell your gold IRA back to the company at a competitive rate. Having this option ensures that you always have a ready buyer when you need to liquidate your assets.

The company’s customer support is top-notch and available at various times through different communication channels. Even though the company has been operating for only four years, it has hundreds of positive customer reviews on TrustLink. It also has a 5-star rating on Consumer Affairs and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating with zero customer complaints.

Noble Gold Investments History and Background

Noble Gold Investments’ offices are in Pasadena, California. Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume started the company to provide a safe and easy way to buy precious metals. Together, the founders have 20 years of combined experience in the gold market, giving them the knowledge to provide sound investment advice to clients.

Plume is Noble Gold’s President. Under his leadership, the company prioritizes assisting investors with safeguarding their assets and building long-term wealth.

Noble Gold Investments Product & Services Offerings

Noble Gold Investments trades various precious metals (gold, platinum, silver, and palladium), but its gold IRA is its most popular product. Unlike regular IRAs backed by paper assets, gold IRAs involve a dealer holding physical gold for an IRA account owner’s benefit.

Gold IRAs are better than regular IRAs because economic crisis and other factors can cause paper assets to lose their value. Gold’s value is far more stable and tends to climb during periods of economic turmoil.

Unlike many other gold IRA brokers, Noble Gold keeps actual gold in stock so that its gold IRA investors can see their investment whenever they please. You can buy a gold IRA from Noble Gold by purchasing with cash or rolling over your existing retirement account. Examples of retirement accounts from which you can complete a rollover include SIMPLE IRA, Roth, 401(k), 403(b), TSP, and 457(b).

Noble Gold will assist you throughout the signup and gold IRA acquisition process. The company will also keep the process tax-efficient by helping you access tax breaks from investing in gold.

Aside from gold IRAs, Noble Gold Investments also deals in silver IRAs, Bitcoin, and rare precious metal coins.

Noble Gold Investments Pricing Info

Noble Gold charges a recurring annual fee of $80. The fee is the same regardless of the size of your gold IRA investment. There is also a $150 fee for storing your gold IRA in Texas or Delaware. Included in the fee is the cost of secure segregated storage for your physical gold, insurance, and your online account for tracking your assets in real-time.

How To Start and Fund a Noble Gold Investments Gold IRA Account

Noble Gold Investments makes investing in gold IRAs as simple as possible. To start investing, complete an online IRA setup form on the company’s website. Filling out the form takes about five minutes.

After you submit the form, Noble Gold will call you within 24 hours to assign a custodian that will set up your account. If you need to fill out any other paperwork, the custodian will provide it. Once the process is complete, you will receive an email containing your new self-directed IRA account number.

You can now fund your active gold IRA account by paying cash or opting for a transfer or rollover. If you choose to transfer, Noble Gold will move your assets from your old custodian to the new one. You don’t have to handle the funds since Noble Gold completes the process on your behalf.

If you are completing a rollover, you must withdraw your assets from your existing retirement account and reinvest it into your gold IRA. There are no tax penalties if you reinvest the assets in a gold IRA within 60 days of receiving it.

Minimum Investment

The smallest gold IRA investment you can make with Noble Gold is $2,000, but that’s if you are buying directly or transferring. If you are rolling over, the minimum investment you can make is $5,000.

Storage Options

Noble Gold Investments keeps its IRA investors’ precious metals in secure facilities. These facilities include insured and IRA-approved depositories in Texas and Delaware, USA, and Mississauga, Ontario, in Canada.

In all its facilities, Noble Gold uses segregated storage to separate each customer’s assets. Segregated storage prevents the gold bullion coins of different customers from getting mixed up. You can schedule visits to the vault to check on your gold whenever you want. Also, Lloyd’s of London provides all-risk insurance for your assets while it’s in storage.

Noble Gold Investment’s Social Media

Noble Gold is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. On these platforms, the company engages its customers and shares updates regarding its products and services. Customers can also contact the company via its social media accounts for assistance.

Should You Invest with Noble Gold?

Noble Gold customers invest in its gold IRA for the following reasons:

Secure Storage

Its International Depository Services are cutting-edge and approved by the LBMA and COMEX/CME for precious metals storage.

Fast and Discreet Shipping

When your gold IRA matures, you can have Noble Gold send it to your address. The company ships with Noble Express, which is quick, secure, and prioritizes discretion during deliveries.

Buyback Policy

When withdrawing your gold, take advantage of Noble’s no-quibble buyback policy. It is a quick way to liquidate your gold bullion coins, and Noble Gold offers competitive prices when buying gold from customers.

Great Reviews

Reviews from Noble Gold’s customers are predominantly positive, which indicates that the company is legit and prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Professional Guidance

Noble Gold provides customers with a free investment kit that contains information about how to make profitable investment choices. Customers can also get personalized investment advice by contacting the company.


How do I sell my gold bullion?

When it is time to liquidate your gold holdings, Noble Gold’s buyback program ensures that you always have a ready buyer. If you want to sell your gold to someone else, you can withdraw your gold bullion and trade with it however you choose.

Does Noble Gold offer free consultations?

New clients can get free consultations from Noble Gold’s precious metal experts. The free consultation can be over the phone, or you can request your free Noble Gold Investments IRA kit.

Are there fees for buying Noble Gold Investments Gold IRA?

Noble Gold charges a recurring annual fee of $80 and a $150 fee for storage in Texas or Delaware. The fee covers storage, insurance, and access to an online account for monitoring your assets. The storage fee is higher than that of other companies because Noble Gold offers segregated storage instead of commingled storage, which is less secure.

Which retirement accounts are eligible for a gold IRA rollover?

Only the following retirement account types are eligible for rollover:

  • TSP
  • Roth
  • SEP
  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • 457(b)

If you have another account type, such as a pension, you can contact Noble Gold directly to verify if it qualifies.

Are there taxes or penalties for moving retirement funds?

There are no taxes or penalties for moving funds from one qualified retirement account to another or transferring from one custodian to another. However, you will have to pay taxes if you do not reinvest retirement funds in a gold IRA account within 60 days of withdrawing it.

For more about investing in gold IRAs, contact Learn About Gold today.

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