Golden State Mint Reviews: The Company for Investing Gold?

Are you interested in investing in gold? Golden State Mint is a top choice for many investors since it’s been around for over 45 years. This family-run company offers minted products, a wide variety of gold categories, IRA-approved precious metals, and more.

A lack of many Golden State Mint reviews from customers can make it challenging to understand how well this business supports your financial goals. Deciding where to place your money is a big decision, so at Learn About Gold, we want to help make it a bit easier for you. In this review, our team will conduct a deep dive into this company so that you can learn everything you need to know.

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Is Golden State Mint a Legitimate Precious Metal Company?

Yes, Golden State Mint is a legitimate precious metal company that’s been in business since 1974. Many scam options clutter the market, offering unauthentic products. You can trust all of your purchases from Golden State Mint, seeing that the company received Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation in 2019.

The company works with many other established organizations, like:

  •       International Precious Metals Institute
  •       North American Collectibles Association, Inc.
  •       Token and Medal Society
  •       Certified Coin Exchange
  •       National Rifle Association

You can find the complete list on the company’s website.

Golden State Mint: Company Background

Golden State Mint began in 1974 in Sanford, Florida. In the last 47 years, the company expanded its reach to offer an incredible selection of everything from platinum and palladium to copper products and assorted gold. The current company owner is Andrew Pavlakos.

If you choose to invest in Golden State Mint, find out exactly where the company stores your assets before purchasing anything. The company does not explicitly state which storage facilities it uses, though it vaguely mentions utilizing some sort of IRA-approved administrators. Confident, seasoned investors might see these non-specifics as a red flag.

Golden State Mint Products

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Golden State Mint reviews aren’t complete until we touch on the company’s sheer variety of products. When shopping on the website, you can find a complete list of all items, though you may not be able to sort by availability. Below, we will cover some of the most popular products that Golden State Mint provides.

Minting Metals

Minting metal is the process of stamping raw metals into coins. Golden State Mint offers gold, silver, and copper minting. Aside from stamping coins, the company also sells:

  •       Golden State Mint silver bars and rounds
  •       Antiqued silver
  •       Platinum
  •       Palladium
  •       Cryptocurrency
  •       Incuse Indian collection coins
  •       Chinese zodiac coins
  •       Buffalo collector’s items

You can find the complete list of all items on the company’s website. You can use many of these products to fund your IRA; simply ensure that it’s IRA-approved before purchasing.

Gold Options

Golden State Mint offers one of the wider selections of gold categories on the market. The Golden State Mint gold options include:

  •       Gold bars, coins, and rounds
  •       Fractional gold
  •       Gold-per-ounces
  •       Gold-per-kilos
  •       Assorted weights
  •       IRA-certified gold

Aside from weight categories, you’ll find more specific products like the Gold Wearable Wealth Bullion Bracelet, Bitcoin Gold Bullion Round, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and much more. The website has plenty to choose from when shopping.

Precious Metals IRA

When you open up a precious metals IRA, you must continuously fund it with more assets. Golden State Mint sells IRA-approved precious metals, including:

  •       Gold
  •       Silver
  •       Platinum
  •       Palladium
  •       Cryptocurrency backed by precious metals

You can open up a gold IRA account directly with Golden State Mint. We recommend reading through our gold IRA company reviews before selecting where to invest your money.

Top Golden State Mint Features

Purchasing expensive products online is intimidating, but you can feel confident in everything you buy when a company offers the proper security measures. Golden State Mint offers the following features:

  •       Live chat: Message the company’s support team at any time if you have issues with your order or just want to ask a question.
  •       Order status monitoring: After placing your order, log in and check the status of your purchase at any time. View when the products ship and utilize the tracking number to locate where they are in the delivery process.
  •       Shipping insurance: Golden State Mint offers insurance on all orders to avoid having to worry about lost or damaged items in the mail.
  •       Flexible payment methods: You can make purchases with a mailed check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover credit card, debit card, PayPal, or bank wire. Remember that specific payment methods have purchase restrictions, so check the FAQ section before placing your order.
  •       Free shipping on orders over $199: All United States orders ship for free when you purchase over $199 worth of items. When investing in gold or other precious metals, you shouldn’t have an issue reaching this minimum.
  •       Newsletter updates: If you want to stay up-to-date on all of the latest news and events in the industry, you can subscribe to the Golden State Mint newsletter for regular email updates and exclusive rewards.

Does Golden State Mint Offer Any Discounts?

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Golden State Mint offers a few different discount programs so that you can save money while shopping:

  •       Affiliate program: Become a Golden State Mint affiliate by advertising the store’s products across your social media accounts. When someone makes a purchase using your link, you can earn a commission.
  •       Military discount: Receive a 10% off coupon with a valid U.S. military identification card.
  •       Deal items: Click the “deals” page on the company’s website to shop all discounted items so that you can score the greatest prices.

Is Investing in Golden State Mint Worth It?

Investing your money with Golden State Mint might be worth it for you, though it depends on your personal financial goals. Before making any decisions, you should also consider some of the negatives that come with this company, including:

  •       Limited feedback: The company does not have many customer reviews listed on the BBB website, so you might struggle to gain a full perspective into the general public’s opinion.
  •       Smaller inventory: While the website lists a wide selection of products, many of these items frequently go out of stock. The company does not update product inventories on the website, so you might have issues determining what you can or cannot purchase.
  •       No real-time price updates: All precious metals typically fluctuate in price depending on current market values. Golden State Mint does not provide real-time price updates on all products.
  •       No Roth IRA: You can open a traditional IRA with Golden State Mint, though you cannot open a Roth IRA.

Other Precious Metal IRA Options

If Golden State Mint isn’t for you, you have plenty of other gold IRA options. At Learn About Gold, we conduct complete reviews on all of the top competitors in the precious metals industry.

Some leading choices that all have 5-star reviews on the BBB website include:

Continue searching for more gold IRA companies by reading through our complete reviews list or using our personalized quiz to find the best option for you!

Still Not Sure About Your Investment? Learn About Gold Can Help

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