RC Bullion Review: Everything You Need To Know

Whether you’re looking to invest in physical gold or silver or open a gold IRA, choosing the right precious metals provider is an important step in ensuring a reliable, positive experience. RC Bullion is a precious metals dealer and gold IRA company that lets you purchase gold and open a precious metals individual retirement account. But is this company trustworthy, and can it suit your needs?

Continue reading for an in-depth RC Bullion review and learn everything you need to know about this precious metals dealer.

Who Is RC Bullion?

RC Bullion is a company that sells gold and silver investment coins and facilitates precious metals IRAs. The company opened in 2013 and operates out of its headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.

RC Bullion sells a wide range of precious metals products that you can purchase and ship directly to your house or hold within a precious metals-backed IRA. The company mostly sells silver and gold products but occasionally offers platinum and palladium as well.

RC Bullion received BBB accreditation in 2015 and earned an A+ rating. It currently has no customer complaints on the BBB and has a 5.0 Google Business Profile average rating across four reviews.

These factors indicate that RC Bullion isn’t the most popular precious metals provider, but the customers who have worked with the company generally have enjoyed positive experiences.

RC Bullion in Customer Education and Guidance

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Precious metals investment companies typically offer a few online resources to help customers better understand the investing process and make informed, knowledgeable decisions. Likewise, RC Bullion offers a few resources in its “Knowledge” section of the website. These include:

  • A free gold investment guide that you can read online or ship to your house for free
  • Investment articles covering topics like how to start investing in gold, how to invest in a silver IRA, and more
  • Frequently asked questions about precious metals IRAs

This resource section is not as extensive as other precious metals dealers, but it can answer some basic questions about gold investing. If you’re new to this form of investing, we recommend reading other resources on Learn About Gold for more comprehensive information.

Fees & Prices

RC Bullion charges a few fees as part of its investing process. Understanding these fees in advance can help you adequately factor them into your investing budget.

Here are the costs you can expect when you invest in precious metals through RC Bullion.

Annual Fees

When you open a gold or silver individual retirement account (IRA) through RC Bullion, you’ll need to pay an annual custodian fee to keep your account open. RC Bullion charges $100 for its annual custodian fee.

However, the company will waive this annual fee — along with the other IRA fees — if you invest more than $25,000 during your first year.

Annual Storage Fees

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When you invest in a precious metals IRA, the IRS prohibits you from storing your gold or silver at home. Instead, you must store it in an IRS-approved depository.

RC Bullion will take care of transporting your precious metals to the depository. Instead of paying the depository directly, you’ll pay RC Bullion an annual storage fee of $100.

The company stores all precious metals in a fully insured, high-security depository.

Shipping Fees

RC Bullion does not charge any shipping fees for its gold IRA facilitation.

Investment Minimums

Most precious metals dealers have minimum investment requirements for opening new IRAs. RC Bullion’s investment minimum is $10,000, which is low comparatively.

Pros of RC Bullion

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RC Bullion offers several advantages compared to other precious metals dealers. The most significant pros of working with RC Bullion include the following:


RC Bullion cuts down on the fees you’ll need to pay to open and facilitate a gold IRA. While other companies charge shipping fees for transporting precious metals to the depository, RC Bullion’s shipping is free.

Direct Deals With Gold Sellers

RC Bullion partners directly with gold and silver sellers to provide an extensive selection of precious metals products. Through RC Bullion, you can purchase IRS-approved silver and gold, as well as platinum and palladium coins, when they are in stock, to hold within your precious metals IRA. You can also purchase other investment coins that the IRS has not approved for IRAs, but that still pose worthy investments to diversify your portfolio.

Passing Savings to Clients

This company doesn’t upcharge its gold and silver products. You also won’t need to pay that many extraneous fees when you purchase precious metals directly or add them to an IRA.

RC Bullion only charges annual custodian fees and storage fees along with its one-time application fee. In contrast, many other precious metals dealers tack on extra fees for shipping and administration.

5-Star-Rated Gold Company

You will find mainly positive RC Bullion reviews and ratings across major review platforms like Google, Trustpilot, and TrustLink. While the company doesn’t have very many ratings, customers who have rated it have done so highly. Having a smaller customer base could indicate that customer service agents are able to dedicate more time and attention to each customer, delivering a personalized experience.

Highly Rated Customer Service

RC Bullion employs a friendly, helpful customer service team that has received positive feedback from investors. When you buy bullion products or open an IRA through RC Bullion, you will receive personalized guidance from a knowledgeable customer service agent throughout the process.

You can call RC Bullion during regular office hours or fill out its online form if you have a question after hours. An agent will get back to you by the next business day when you fill out the form.

Large Investment Selection

This company has a decent selection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. While its inventory varies depending on the market, you can generally find at least 15 to 20 different precious metal coins available for sale through RC Bullion.

Cons of RC Bullion

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Before you begin investing through RC Bullion, you should be aware of a few downsides to this company compared to others. We discovered these disadvantages as part of our RC Bullion review:

Prices Not Listed Online

One of the major downsides of RC Bullion is that the company does not list the prices of its precious metal products online. To learn the prices, you’ll need to call the company and speak to an agent.

We assume that RC Bullion operates this way to encourage direct communication between interested customers and its customer support team. Having that one-on-one communication can encourage you to actually purchase precious metals.

However, from a customer perspective, not being able to see prices online could indicate that the company charges higher prices than other precious metals dealers.

Out of Palladium and Platinum Due to High Market Demand

RC Bullion’s inventory fluctuates frequently, and the company sometimes stops selling platinum and palladium when market demand is high. However, the website does not always reflect the current inventory. You may not discover that the company is out of a coin you’re interested in until you speak with a customer service agent.

Regulatory Risks in Private Storage Options

When you purchase precious metals outside of an IRA, RC Bullion gives you the option to store them privately. You can ship your gold or silver products directly to your house and secure them through any storage method of your choosing.

However, the company acknowledges that purchasing precious metals for physical delivery involves a degree of risk. The company can’t guarantee that your precious metals will reach your address unharmed. While it will provide secure shipping and tracking information, once your metals leave the seller, they are out of its hands.

RC Bullion Gold IRA

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RC Bullion can help you transfer an existing IRA into a self-directed gold or silver IRA. The company offers 100% tax-free conversions, ensuring that your transfer is a non-taxable event. It also makes the transfer process simple by assigning you a precious metals IRA specialist to guide you through the process.

RC Bullion will handle all of the paperwork to facilitate your IRA transfer. You simply need to choose the physical gold or silver products to hold within your account, and the company will transfer them for you.

While RC Bullion can’t provide actual investment advice, the customer service team will help you understand your options and suggest products that could suit your investment needs and goals.

Should You Invest With RC Bullion?

After conducting a thorough RC Bullion review, we have found this company to be a trustworthy option for those looking to invest in gold or silver. While it may not offer as big of a selection as other precious metals dealers, its personalized customer support and lack of extraneous fees make up for this downside.

The only other significant disadvantage to be aware of is RC Bullion’s lack of customer reviews. While the company has positive reviews overall, there aren’t as many RC Bullion reviews as there are for more popular gold dealers.

But this aside, we would ultimately recommend RC Bullion for gold and silver investing.

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