In-Depth Business Review of Lincoln Coin and Bullion

Savvy precious metal investors want to buy and sell with reliable dealers. This guide dives into one particular precious metal dealer, Lincoln Coin and Bullion. Learn more about the history of this establishment, the pros and cons of trading through this company, and the available investment opportunities.

History of Lincoln Coin and Bullion

Before getting into the nitty gritty of this company’s products and services, let’s start with the background of how Lincoln Coin and Bullion has built its image over the years. Smart investors should always research a company’s business timeline to better understand its history, mission, and accolades.

Founding and Establishment of Lincoln Coin and Bullion

Founders Scott and Deb Olson launched Lincoln Coin and Bullion in 2006. The company’s name isn’t in reference to Abraham Lincoln but rather its location in Lincoln, Nebraska. Their primary business practice is buying and selling bullion, though they also deal with numismatic bills and coins and buy sterling flatware and scrap gold.

Growth and Development Over the Years

Since its founding, Lincoln Coin and Bullion has built a reputation among local investors yet remains a small business operation. The ownership changed in 2019, and new owners Pat and Jennifer Moran still look to the retired founders for advice. Over the years, the company’s expansions have included purchasing state-of-the-art equipment to authenticate coins and precious metals, determine their elemental composition, and test for uniform materials.

Notable Achievements and Milestones

Lincoln Coin and Bullion holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a B rating with the Business Consumer Alliance. These ratings come with zero formal complaints lodged in the last three years. This precious metal dealer is a member of the American Numismatic Association and the Professional Coin Grading Service.

One major milestone for the business was the 2014 passing of Legislative Bill 867, which makes bullion and rare coins exempt from sales tax in Nebraska. Founder Deb Olson lobbied for and supported this bill until it finally hit the governor’s desk for signing.

Are Your Investments Secured with Lincoln Coin and Bullion?

employee opening safety deposit box

Whether you invest in silver coins or gold bars, Lincoln Coin and Bullion takes measures to make sure all products are authentic and secure. Only a few items are available in the shop itself to promote the highest level of security. Instead, their products come from over a dozen trusted suppliers who provide high-quality metals.

How Trustworthy and Reliable are Lincoln Coin and Bullion?

The staff at Lincoln Coin and Bullion values those who collect coins as merely a hobby or those who invest in bullion to expand their assets. Their nearly 20 years in the business make them a trustworthy source for both casual collectors and passionate investors. Lincoln Coin and Bullion also utilizes high-tech equipment like the Thermo Scientific XRF Analyzer, Sigma testers, and ultrasonic thickness gauges, so you know they aren’t looking to scam people with inauthentic collectibles.

Products and Services They Offer

american silver eagle and gold eagle coin in one ounce size

Let’s explore the various products and services you can expect from this Nebraska-based dealer.

Gold Products

This company’s gold products include a variety of bars and coins. You can browse their in-stock selection and reach out to request specific items you wish to purchase. These products range from the popular American Eagle coin to the original PAMP Suisse Cast bars.

Silver Products

Silver coins and bars are either available in-store or with fast shipping. On the dealer’s website, you can sort by the actual silver weight. Product listings also include the spot price, premium, and total price.

Pre-1933 Gold Products

Expand your wealth with pre-1933 gold products, such as the $10 Liberty Eagle. You’ll pay a per-ounce premium on coins that are $5 and up.


1935 silver certificate one dollar bill with blue seal

The selection of rare collectible coins available is routinely updated on the Lincoln Coin and Bullion website. These items include a full description and an upfront total price.

Additional Services

Lincoln Coin and Bullion offer an extensive selection of products to buy for your investment portfolio. However, that’s not all that they do. Discover some of their appraisal and advice services available in Lincoln, NE.

Appraisals and Evaluations

If you are looking to sell a large collection of historic currency, coins, or bullion, Lincoln Coin and Bullion can evaluate your collection and create itemized quotes. The staff may travel offsite for large appraisals or, in some cases, give a quote over the phone.

Buying and Selling

Lincoln Coin and Bullion buys items like scrap gold jewelry or sterling flatware. Although the condition of an item largely determines the price, the staff can provide a quote for buying your bullion over the phone.

Expert Advice and Guidance

If you’re new to coin collecting or building wealth with precious metals, the team at Lincoln Coin and Bullion can guide you along the way. These experienced dealers can go in-depth into what bullion coins are, explain various precious metal trends and prices, and more.

Pros and Cons of Lincoln Coin and Bullion

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There are a few pros and cons to working with Lincoln Coin and Bullion, depending on your needs. For example, it’s a reputable precious metal business if you want to buy or sell physical gold or historic currency. However, Lincoln Coin and Bullion doesn’t offer gold IRAs, which may turn away some investors.

In addition, Lincoln Coin and Bullion’s staff is available by appointment only. While this is ideal for privacy and security, it’s not helpful if you want to drop in on a whim and look for your next investment.

Online Presence and Accessibility of Lincoln Coin and Bullion

Lincoln Coin and Bullion doesn’t engage in e-commerce, so you are limited to in-person trading only. However, you can explore the website for industry resources and information.

What Educational Resources and Informative Content Does Lincoln Coin and Bullion Provide?

On the Lincoln Coin and Bullion website, the company features a lengthy Frequently Asked Questions page. This provides information about their business practices as well as the bullion industry. They also keep live spot prices on every page of their site so investors can keep tabs on the current state of the gold, silver, platinum, and palladium markets.

A detailed graph shows the numerical prices that represent the highest asking prices. You’ll also find the actual bid prices depicted on the website’s graph for a full scope of the market that ranges from daily values to the average of the last five years.

Is Their Customer Support Reliable?

Although their staff is limited, Lincoln Coin and Bullion prioritizes customer care and advises new investors to set aside an hour of time to discuss all their options with an employee. They are available for in-person appointments but also provide customer support over the phone or by email.

Does Lincoln Coin and Bullion Offer Any IRAs?

If you’re looking to establish a gold IRA, Lincoln Coin and Bullion is not your ideal trading source. They currently offer no IRA services, so you’ll need to find another provider for opening a secure gold IRA. Find the right Gold IRA partner for you using our robust library of resources.

Having a holistic understanding of Lincoln Coin and Bullion’s business model helps you make an informed decision as a precious metal investor. Use Learn About Gold to compare it to other trading companies before deciding if Lincoln Coin and Bullion is the right dealer for you.

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