The Donald Trump Gold Coin: Worth the Investment?

Donald Trump: He’s arguably the most polarizing president in our nation’s history. Whether you love or hate him, you’ve probably seen ads for the Donald Trump gold coin commemorating America’s 45th president.

But what are these coins really worth? Are Trump gold coins pure gold? How much are they worth? We’ll answer all those questions and more. We’ll also tell you where to purchase one of these popular collecting coins and if they’re legal to use in a gold IRA.

Are Trump Gold Coins Real?

Trump gold coins are collectible coins you can purchase online from several private mints. However, they are not legitimate presidential coins from the U.S. Mint, as the last president featured in this series was George H. W. Bush.

Patriot Golden Coin is one such manufacturer of Trump gold plated coins. The website features the Donald J. Trump Foundation emblem and proclaims, “We offer you a chance to help Donald Trump win the next election!”

At its heart, the Trump gold coin is a tribute and commemoration to Donald Trump’s legacy and four-year presidency. Investors have a few different options for purchasing these coins, as they come from private mints and manufacturers.

For example, there are plenty of cheap options made in China that you can buy by only paying for shipping and handling. However, these coins are just iron that’s been painted gold. In contrast, the coins from Patriot Golden Coin are gold plated, also known as gold vermeil.

What Does the Trump Gold Coin Look Like?

The face of the Trump gold coin from Patriot Golden Coin features a profile shot of Trump staring off into the distance. The text above reads “The Revenge Tour,” and the bottom says “In God We Trust, 2024.” The coin’s reverse shows an eagle with its wings spread and text reading: “Commander in Chief Donald J. Trump.”

Are Trump Gold Coins Made from Pure Gold?

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With so many companies selling Trump gold coins, it can be hard to know whether the one you purchase is legitimate. However, the adage “you get what you pay for” rings true in this scenario. Any Trump coin that doesn’t cost you much money is likely not pure gold.

However, there are some pure gold coins available. For example, Money Metals Exchange offers a privately minted ¼ ounce “Donald Trump Gold Round” that’s .9999 pure gold.

The image on the gold round features Donald Trump’s profile, with his name and “45th President” as the text. The rear of the coin from Money Metals Exchange has an image of the White House and the inscription “The White House” along the top with “1/4 Troy Oz. .9999 Au” across the bottom.

GovMint is another company that offers a one-ounce .9999 gold Trump coin, with only 299 pieces in this limited edition set. Interestingly enough, this coin is legal tender! In the Republic of Somalia, one coin is worth 10,000 shillings.

The front features Donald Trump’s profile, with the words “President of the United States” and “Trump 2020.” Turn it over, and you’ll see the Somali coat of arms and the coin’s face value. Currently, the website has no price as it changes under market conditions.

How Much Is a Trump Gold Coin Worth?

The price of a Trump coin depends on a few different factors:

  • Manufacturer
  • Composition
  • Images
  • Mintage
  • Purity

Before you start collecting gold coins, including those that commemorate Donald Trump, it’s wise to research as much as you can first. Consider the reputation of the manufacturer, its composition, mintage, and purity, all of which impact the final price.

Patriot’s USA-made Donald Trump gold coin is gold plated, with an inexpensive base metal making up most of the coin and real gold foil laid over the top. Every order qualifies for free shipping, but prices for this coin vary, and the more you buy, the less you pay:

  • One coin: $29.99
  • Five coins: $24.99/each, $124.95 total
  • 10 coins: $22.99/each, $229.90 total
  • 25 coins: $19.99/each, $499.75 total
  • 50 coins: $14.99/each, $749.50 total
  • 100 coins: $9.99/each, $999 total

If you want to invest in a Trump coin that isn’t gold-plated, you can opt for the 20mm .9999 Au coins from Money Metals. Here’s what you can expect for pricing:

  • 1-19 coins: $179.50/each
  • 20-79: $157.06/each
  • 80-159: $134.62/each

Orders over $500 qualify for free shipping, but there’s one problem: As of August 2022, the Trump coins are out of stock. However, there’s a button on the website where you can get an instant notification when they’re available again.

In addition to the gold Trump coins, Money Metals Exchange also offers a copper President Trump round of .9999 pure copper for as low as $1.70. Or, you can opt for a silver President Trump coin, .9999 purity, for as low as $26.52.

Can You Use Trump Gold Coins in a Gold IRA?

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The Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, considers these Trump coins collectibles, so they’re not eligible for use in a gold IRA. However, you have plenty of options for investing in an IRA. You can find more information on the Learn About Gold website about how to invest, and you’ll also find top comparisons and reviews of the best gold IRA companies.

Alternately, check out our blog to read more articles about investing in precious metals and how they can help diversify your wealth portfolio.

Are Trump Gold Coins a Wise Investment?

The final decision on whether you want to invest in a Donald Trump Gold Coin is up to you. First, look at your current wealth portfolio: does it make sense to diversify into precious metals? Of course, choosing a Trump gold coin that’s pure gold will always be a more robust investment than a gold-plated specimen, although they do have value for their commemorative nature.

In fact, many coins have relatively subjective values, which often means they can be worth more than just their “meltdown” value. It’s the same concept as baseball cards: the paper they’re printed on is essentially worthless. However, the collectible value, or rather, the sentiment, makes them so valuable.

For example, an avid Trump supporter may find more value in a gold-plated coin than the amount of actual gold or other precious metals inside it. So, if you’re a diehard numismatist, you might consider adding a few Trump gold coins or rounds to your collection. Their value could potentially skyrocket in the coming years.

Final Thoughts on the Donald Trump Gold Coin

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Consider all the relevant factors and do your homework before investing money in gold coins, including Trump coins. That way, you can be sure that you’re making the right decision for your financial future and security. To learn more about collecting coins and all things gold-related, contact Learn About Gold today by filling out our convenient online contact form, or check out our blog for more investment articles.

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